Colours and Designs

The Colours and Designs of your shed is important and we are here to help you design your build the way you want it. These are some of the colours our customers love that Colorbond supply and for a full range of colours please click this link and search the Colorbond website. Our Aussie Homes gallery will guide you through what customers have chosen for their builds and you will be able to see the difference choosing types of Colours and Designs will make to your Shed. When designing your Shed, the more creative the better and our team will do their best to create your design within the council approval specification and legal requirements. Our Sheds can really make a difference to your home and with the building industry forever changing, we maintain and keep up-to-date with modern living and styles. Our team can assist you with every choice you make! Call our friendly staff now for more details.

Customers choose these because: 

  • They are designed in Australia and all products and materials are Australian made.
  • They are sustainable, reliable and come with Colorbond’s warranty which can be viewed on their website.
  • There are over 20 colours to choose from at Colorbond and design ideas across our website.

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