Sheds to live in

Sheds to live in:
  • Custom Built 
  • Quick and efficient build time
  • Cost effective
Sheds to live in, Sheds to live in
Sheds to live in, Sheds to live in

Sheds to live in 

Can I live in my Shed? Sheds to live in is a question we get asked frequently. You cannot live in a Class 10 Shed, however, we can design a building to a Class 1 Liveable standard. If you are looking to buy a Liveable Shed then there a few extras we add to create your individually designed steel stud frame home. In essence, these Class 1 Liveables are built up to lock up stage and you can organise a tradesman to fit out your Liveable Shed. Slabs are engineered to suit your block based on your soil testing and an energy efficiency assessment is completed for insulation and glazing.

Inclusions of a Class 1 Liveable Shed:

  • Australian Bluescope Steel with Bluescope warranty
  • Steel stud frame at 600 centres
  • Bluescope Colorbond custom orb or Trimdek roof
  • Bluescope Steel c-section rafters – cathedral ceiling designs
  • Windows, glass sliding doors and entry door with timber reveals and key locks as per plan
  • Bluescope Steel gutters and downpipe to ground level
  • Engineering and engineering certification and building plans
  • Building designed for W41 wind classification
  • Council approvals



Exclusions include:

  • Soil testing
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical work
  • Sewerage treatment plans
  • Internal fit out – including Plasterboard lining, skirting, architraves, kitchen, bathroom and laundry
  • Plumbing approval fees, Town planning assessment, Code assessments, Relaxations, Bushfire hazard assessments, Water connection fees
Please head to our Customer FAQs page or call us on 07 5445 5611 for more information on Sheds to live in.